Thoughts & Things

Come, walk along my story. Sit down for a cup of tea. Ponder on life’s mysteries. Share my thoughts & things.

When I consider the deepest wishes of my heart, it’s the hope to change the world.

In a small way. Or maybe a big way. Or just in my own way. 

It’s to use my life, words, thoughts and things to carve a space in the hearts and minds of others.

A hope that I can connect some strings and spaces to a better place.

It’s to honor my parents, especially my late father, in the magic and mystery of imagination and creation. It’s to honor the longing of my heart.

I’ve spent nearly a lifetime writing dreams and heartaches, triumphs and failures, love stories and losses in little pages of a journal.

I’ve summoned my courage to bring to life the pages of my inner workings in an open space- that I may better find my dharma. 

Welcome to my thoughts & things.

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