Chasing Dreams

Imported from Tumblr, Summer 2019

This year has seen a manifestation of what feels like a million dreams bursting into real life.

My husband took the plunge of entrepreneurship and started his own business.

My cousin followed her lifelong dream and packed her family up to relocate permanently to Ireland. 

After a decade of LA living, my big sister and her fiance decided to move home to Phoenix, with my beloved niece and brand new baby nephew in tow. Just in time, as we said good-bye to our littlest sister as she, too, departed for her graduate program at the University of Limerick (Éirinn go Brách!).

My best friend is making incredible strides in her counseling career.

Two dear friends are planning to exchange their wedding vows.

And just this morning I read about a group of friends with the courage to launch their non-profit, a lifelong dream aimed at supporting underprivileged communities in AZ.

It feels like magic is dancing at the seams of all of our favorite dreams, and it feels like warmth and sunshine and fluttering yellow butterflies. 

Like falling in love. 

Like a slow whispered, ‘Yessssssss’.


I’ve been thinking, too, about how the pain of grief freezes us in our tracks. How trauma robs us of not only peace in the present, but permits our haunted pasts to dance and duel against our future hopes.

As children, we were taught to dream. But at some point, my dreaming stopped. Fear crept in and made a home out of my heartache and lived there for so many years.

But as my healing continues, I’m remembering what it feels like to be swept under the current of fantasy. To look up, wild-eyed under covers, asking, “What If?” to a star-blanketed sky.

And just this morning, as I drove to work, goosebumps prickled up my arm as a flash of inspiration struck my heart. 

It caught my breath, heart-beating loudly.

It was clear and plain and firm.

My dream said, “Write”.

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