Imported from Tumblr, Sep. 2019

Self-care, self-love, and healing have become a big, big, big part of my life.

Self-deprecation, sarcasm, criticism, complaining and self-loathing are no longer welcome here.

And even if it feels like a full-time job, sometimes, managing my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health, it has to be. 

Because I spent so many years ignoring my needs, my feelings. Ignoring myself, really. Peeling apart from my soul bit by bitter bit.


I’ve learned this year what it means to be an empath, and how to love that part of me.

I’ve reflected on why alcohol became such a big part of my life at such an early age and am heading into my 9th month alcohol-free, more on that later.

My vision board reads, “I am no martyr”.

I’m breaking the familial patterns of debt through minimalism and #daveramsey.

I’m cutting sugar.

I’m meditating every. single. day. and uncovering terms like alexithymiaunderstanding how trauma has shaped my upbringing, who I grew into.

I’m advocating for EMDR and working to rewire this lovely brain. 

I legitimately keep a list of Emotions on my phone and in my journal because I’m still learning how to identify these in my own body, and talk about them honestly.

And it’s GOOD.

And even when it’s not, even when I’m crawled into a ball on the back of the struggle bus, riding through Slump-town, I can look back on where I came from and know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Praise God.

Elizabeth Gilbert said it best:

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