Today and every day.

Sometimes choosing love means choosing forgiveness, especially if you tend towards perfectionism (like me). Forgiveness is a choice, and it is always there, waiting in the wings, excited to be called upon to come out and play.

Today during my morning pages practice I wrote out a list of things I felt disappointed in myself about- small commitments I let slide, yucky food I ate despite knowing it would make me feel gross, moments over the weekend where I felt I wasn’t the best mom.

After these musings I spent precisely 8 minutes in meditation, dedicated a little more time to getting ready, and listened to one of my favorite podcasts on my way to work (Danielle Laporte, check her out).

By the time I arrived in the building, I decided to forgive myself.

For all the big and little ways I let myself down, for being so hard on myself to begin with.

If forgiveness is a choice, so too is love. They’re like school-yard besties, travelling everywhere in a pair. Matching headbands, matching light.

No matter how you disappointed yourself yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or in this lifetime, here’s a permission slip to set it down and forgive yourself, if only for today.

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