2020 Core Desired Feelings

Core Desired Feelings, a la Danielle Laporte’s amazing guidance.

It’s been a month of intense and thoughtful reflection. From Marie Forleo’s Decade in Review to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping, this month I revisited my 24-year-old self, and all the selves between her and the 34-year old me today.

I wrote down what I am proud of having accomplished, the lessons that I have learned. I’ve reviewed what baggage to set down, and what belief systems I will say good-bye to as I walk, head held high, into the next decade.

I have looked with open eyes at the hard, dark and naked moments of these past ten years. I’ve written a letter to myself as my future self. And I’ve quietly examined the feelings that I want more of in this next decade.

More Magic. More Imagination. Luminous and Present. Peace.

And through all of this comes love. Love for myself, grace for myself, forgiveness for myself, and for others. Every single day.

It’s taken three decades for me to remember that this one life can be over in an instant- with no moment’s notice. Why waste another minute judging others, or judging yourself? Why feel bad about who you are, or wish to be somewhere you aren’t, or someone you aren’t? If we take full power and responsibility for our lives, we become masters at creating our dreams and my core desired feelings speak to the heart of that idea.

To 2020, the next decade. To where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

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