January Book List

I began a big long post to dive into the 50-some books I read last year, but it got overwhelming and it’s 2020 now and we’re moving forward, not backward.

So here’s my little list of January reads and I’d love to know what else is on your list !

I love personal finance, development, women’s studies, young adult romance, psychology, faith and spirituality, and anything else that’s maybe changed your life?

With 2-hours of commute time each day I’m a huge audio book fan, but also opt for Ebooks and a good old fashioned hard copy. I’ll look to borrow reads first from friends or family, then the Phoenix library apps (Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libby) before buying in Audible or Apple’s Books app.

Many of these I began in December, but finished in Jan. 🤓

January Reading List:

An interesting read on Audible in the world of personal finance. Still a long way to go before I move from the left to the right quadrants, but good info all the same.
Eckhart Tolle is incredible. Read this book! Will need a hard copy of my own after borrowing from the sister.
Big Magic on creativity and writing by Elizabeth Gilbert, a personal hero of mine. Got this on Apple Books as an E-Book then found a hard copy at Goodwill. Such an excellent read for any artist!
My first read from Gabrielle Bernstein and I’m ready for more. I walked through the recommended exercises in this book and Tapping has seriously made a difference. I read this one through Audible!
All the yes’s on recovering from Codependency, and a heart-breaking look at Melody’s life. Her strength is remarkable. I listened to this one for free on Hoopla!
A history in antheogens that opened my eyes and seriously helped me understand my father better, as well as the history of the 1960s counter culture and the New Age movement. Super interesting read for anyone interested in psychology or psychedelics. My marathon companion on Audible!
A topical Sunday read on young love and grief. Shoutout to my sister for the recommendation from one of my favorite YA authors, Jenny Han. Purchased this one and the next on Apple EBooks.
The sequel, one more to go!

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